About Us

ZMAC Electrical Safety LLC
30332 Jacqueline Pl
Perrysburg, OH 43551

Founded in 2009 to offer Electrical System Arc Flash Study services and NFPA-70E based Electrical Safety Training services to industries across the United States.  Expanding in 2017 to include PPE sales and the recommendation/sale of remediation equipment.  The services and products we offer will significantly reduce the risk of electrocution and arc flash injury.  The additional bonus is the decreased likelihood of equipment destruction and production losses.

Website Design
The basic concept in our website design was to create a clean, simple to use, uncluttered site with minimal advertisements.  We are committed to keep the site clean with no typos, current reference information, no broken links, and continous improvement.  Please communicate to us any suggestion you may have to improve the site, add additional features, etc.  One additional feature that we have planned is a full range of online electrical engineering calculators.

Request for Quotation
All products on the site can be quoted to the customer using automated online features.  The quotation can be adjusted at any point in the process.  Alternatively, if required, a quotation can be delivered on our letterhead and handled using emails and communications via phone.
Step 1:  Sign up or sign in to the website, select the product category you require and select the product you are interested in.
Step 2:  Push the Add to Quote button on the product page.  On the quote page that pops up enter information you think we should be aware of then push the Request Quote button on the quote page.
Step 3:  We will review the request, follow any instructions you give us, contact you for any missing information, publish a quotation to your email address.
Step 4:  The quotation is used on your end to request a purchase order.
Step 5:  Once you have a purchase order, sign in to your account, select the quotation, proceed to checkout, enter the PO number.  This will complete the automated process.  Please scan/email the purchase order document to us.
Step 6:  Once we have the purchase order we will contact you to make arrangements for training or deliver the equipment.

ZMAC Mission Statement

> To be a leader in understanding the NFPA-70E and how it can be used to make the workplace safer for all workers.
> To be a leader in Electrical Safety Training.
> To be the leading authority on the selection of Arc Flash Remediation equipment.
> To use sound, practical, engineering judgment and skills when evaluating existing power distribution systems.
> To continually improve our standard of service through clear and responsive communication.
> To approach each project as an opportunity to establish a new “personal best” in professionalism, service and quality.
> To maintain a work environment that encourages and acknowledges exemplary service.
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